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Really cute!  Great style and well scoped!  :3

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Nice difficulty! It's almost, but not possible to solo without healing! Dying is easy unless you're smart!

I really should've done the Tutorial to know that the Base heals! Lol!

And that doesn't help much. My slimes get swamped by trolls or whatever. Gonna go Tutorial...

And that didn't help. The Trolls are too fast! ... Are their appearance timed, or based on Tower Kills?

ty, difficulty is based on how many towers u destroyed

good game 10/10

Wow, I am impressed. Awesome game!

Awesome job Pixitales. The game is really good

thanks, u too

Really good job. I think its 1st place :D

Nice little game, good job Pixi! :)


thank you comrade. Hope u can code again.

Nice game

Overall I really enjoyed it, it was kind of hard to diffrenciate between your wolves and orcs from the enemy's though.

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Yeah. i cant remember. If u destroyed 3 or more towers they get wolves. If u destroy 5 or6 they get orcs. Thats how our wave spawner works.

I had fun until the game crashed, very cool idea!

Sry, i fixed the bug. The game shouldnt crash now hopefully thanks

Really fun! But it crashed after I beat the opponents second tower 

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Thanks bug fixed

This game is awesome and amazing background music and the art is cool but its hard for me :)


thank you so much. Glad you like it. Heres a tip when ur low on health, if u stand near ur castle you restore a little bit of health over time.

i know :)


Maybe u dont know this one.  If you destroy more than 2 towers, it gets harder. Maybe use that as a advantage somehow.

i know :)