My Bully, My Crush is a short kinetic visual novel with yuri romance as its theme. It is around 40 minutes long and features:

• Snappy dialogue!

• Cute and pretty character art and event CGs!

• A lovely original soundtrack!

Shy and dorky May is the bottom rung of her class, and cool and terrifying Ember is her bully. But May has a secret- one that sends her on a dangerous(not really) and difficult(if you have trouble talking to strangers) mission to the bookstore, where the latest volume of her favorite series has just come out. Within that book is the answer to whether her beloved yuri ship has finally been canonized! Unfortunately for May, what seems like a simple task is about to get a whole lot more complicated when the last person she expected appears!

• PixiTales: Concept and Art

• Joshlynn: Programming 

• Bug:  Music

• Hag: Writing

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authorspixitales, Joshlynn, bug6000, punishedhag
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Cute, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, Story Rich, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download 59 MB
Download 42 MB
GFBully1080p-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 49 MB

Development log


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Really cool story. I especially enjoyed the writing, the perspective change and how you described the bully’s thought process. The art is a little simplistic, but it has its charm and looks pretty good :D I’d love for her to come out in a sequel or something. Thank you for providing a Linux port!


Insane how long it took me to get to it... But what a lovely little story. The writing is top-notch (as usual for Hag), but I especially liked Ember's side of the story. Made me tear up a little. Good job~

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this game is hilarious and surprisingly deep


It's not working on browser



gives me an error about a maximum callstack being exceeded whenever i try to play, sad.


same... damn it. have you gotten it to work?



Use the Firefox browser it works


Nice game, surprised by the twist too.

This was good, the art was pretty, the story was decent, the music was good. Great work!

Have a Kudos <3


The last segment hit different.


I love it <3 although I wish that it was longer...


Did something happen to the Windows build?  I start the game, May says a few words, enters the bookstore, leaves, and then the game cuts back to the main menu.  There's no sound or title art.  The web build looks correct as far as I can tell, but the Windows build looks like it was barely started.

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Should be fixed now, let me know if there are anymore issues!


Thanks for addressing that quickly.  I took a quick look and it seems to work correctly now, so I look forward to playing it.  There were two game folders installed when I updated the game through the Itch app (GFBully1080p-1.0-win and GFBully1080p-1.0-pc I think) but uninstalling and reinstalling it fixed that.  I'm guessing an old build folder got deployed by accident the first time?

Yeah, most likely. The latest build is the GFBully1080p-1.0-win one. Glad it works for you now, enjoy! Lmk if there are anymore issues

My game seems to be having the same issue for some reason...


The game crashes for me immediately after May leaves the book store, any help?

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Hi Aoba! I don't know if I can help entirely but I can try! What platform are you playing on? (WebGL, Windows, Mac, etc.)



Okay, I pushed a new build that might have fixed the issues you were having. Let me know if you have anymore questions or problems with the game


A great mix of cute and funny, with some conflict and a fulfilling end. Would love a sequel, maybe another character for some jealousy as well? 

I liked that, short and sweet. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see a larger series built around the relationship. Capturing the development up to where the game begins and perhaps a second season continuing forward. The characters are great, their dynamic strikes a niche, really only wish there was more of it. Great work!!    


Apart from a few technical hiccups with formating, this game was an absolute delight.  

The first half was a delightfully sweet story with the some relatable moments, but that SECOND half...  I loved it so much.  The angst and characterization fed my soul.  Great job.  Would love to see a sequel someday, but these characters will live rent-free in my heart forever.  

Thanks, I am still getting used to renpy, my first upload. And yeah, maybe plus a new character in the story.


Very Cute Game, i also like the characters and how they act, i like the fact that you pretty much hear both sides of their thoughts, what their thinking so it makes them more relatable, this wasn't half bad, and would of liked to see much more of their High School romance and see if they can make their love truly work.

I did a video on this game, enjoy! keep up the good work!


Perfectly encapsulates the high school experience of thinking you're evil or cringe or unredeemable but really you're just twelve and you're in love so bad it hurts and you think noone will ever understand you and it's just really good.


That was so cute!


That was fun, I'm glad I found this game scrolling for something to do while in study hall :]


This was a nice game. Some of May's dialogue were cringy but based on her personality I think that was the point, but Ember... Ember made me teary-eyed, at some point it made me cry just because of how beautiful and complex her dialogues were. The way she cares for May it's just so precious and the music goes well with Ember's perspective of the situation. The ending is obviously predictable but the way it reaches to that point and how it makes the player feel is something incredible. Glad I stumbled upon this game because it will certaintly be in my mind for a while just because of how it made me feel. 

Awesome job, guys ;)


When your name is Ember: ToT

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This is the best game ever


Oh wow, that was way more complex and heartfelt than I was expecting! The first half kept me laughing, and the second part was a lot to process.

Really good content on every level ~~ very impressive all round!

Great work~~


This was adorable, I love it!